BSc Nursing in UK for international students: Overview, Fees, Entry Requirements, Top Colleges & Universities

BSc Nursing in UK for international students: Overview, Fees, Entry Requirements, Top Colleges & Universities

Studying BSc. Nursing is one of the sought after courses in India. A lot of Indian students go abroad to pursue nursing from there. In the United Kingdom Studying BSc. Nursing is 3 years of vocational course where Indian students can expect to get 24,000 to 31,000 GBP as a trainee. The compensation for BSc Nursing students can increase with work experience. 2-5 years of experience can fetch up to 60,000 to 100,000 GBP in the UK. As per the survey done by NHS Health Education England, 94% of students get employment opportunities within six months of completion. 

Course Bachelor of Science Nursing in the
Duration3-4 years
Course TypeFull time
Per Annum Course Fees in UK institutions14,000- 30,000 GBP
Average Salary Expected in UK22,000 – 109,000 GBP

The UK is one of your top choices for pursuing higher studies abroad specially Studying BSc. Nursing. This is due to multiple reasons, as all of us would know. However, aspirants must be prepared for student life in the UK. Of the many courses offered, Nursing is now a popular choice among students. There are a few universities in the UK offering courses in BSc Nursing. If you wish to pursue a BSc in Nursing in the UK, this blog might be of great help to you. Here we will discuss in brief how to do it. Read on to know more.

BSc Nursing in UK for international students: Overview, Fees, Entry Requirements, Top Colleges & Universities

After completing your education you can work in the UK and go for the master's degree program. 

Post completion of BSc Nursing, you can work in the UK or may pursue masters in the same field from top universities in the UK or any other country. In order to practice in the UK, Indian students need to complete the program. 

Some of the top universities are Kings College of London and the University of Edinburgh. These colleges hold a ranking on the QS Ranking list of 2022. The cost can range from 17,000 GBP to 30,000 GBP. Indian students mostly take loans from banks and some of the students heavily rely on the scholarship provided by nonprofit groups or the government. 

Table of Contents

  • What is a ( Bachelor of Science in Nursing  ) BSc Nursing?
  • Why you should Study in the UK? 
  • Why you should study BSc Nursing in the UK?
  • Eligibility Criteria to study BSc Nursing in the UK
  • Application Process to study BSc Nursing in the UK
  • Documents Required  to study BSc Nursing in the UK
  • Subjects & Syllabus for BSc Nursing in UK universities
  • Top Universities for BSc Nursing in the UK
  • Scholarships for BSc Nursing in the UK
  • Scope after BSc Nursing in the UK
  • FAQ | Some important questions frequently asked on Google about BSc Nursing from UK

What is a ( Bachelor of Science in Nursing  ) BSc Nursing?

Nursing is a noble profession all around the world, but in India, this profession is mostly overlooked due to low pay and less integrity. Nonetheless, this profession is as important as doctors'. Without the work of nurses, any patient will never recover despite the best effort of a doctor. BSc in Nursing in UK institution educates students on the modern approach of the work with the help of modern research methodologies, best practices, and up-to-date policies. Nursing is divided into different segments. Some work in adult nursing, mental health-related nursing, children’s nursing, and many more. Critical and practical knowledge of UK’s hospitals is also a plus for your career. Knowledge of ICU, operating room, different modern equipment, modern policies with respect to clinical trials, infection control protocols, and methods can be gained if you study Nursing at a UK university. The internship opportunities in the UK will provide you with practical experience apart from academic knowledge.BSc Nursing training from the UK university is one of the most sought after and highly regarded in the whole industry.  

Why you should Study in the UK?

Studying in the UK is regarded as one of the most dreamt things in the world. Millions of students all over the world try to get into the UK to complete their higher education. UK’s education is popular due to its prestige, methods of education, and rich and diverse alumni network. Millions of students have gone through the curriculum and made their way in the industry and made a name for themselves. UK has a GDP of $3.19 trillion which increases the expense power of its citizen. People in general spend more money on healthcare as opposed to India. This creates different kinds of job opportunities for the students, which in turn increases your strength in your core subject. Your skills in BSc Nursing will be globally recognized and representable. Every year millions of students arrive in the UK to get educated so the locals are also aware of this phenomenon. So locals are friendly towards students as they understand the importance of International Indian students. International students create a melting pot of cultures so global cultural exposure increases rapidly thus increasing the chances of global employability. Apart from maintaining a highly professional and elite status in the world, the UK has an amazing life for students to indulge in which makes their stay merrier.

Why you should study BSc Nursing in the UK?

  • The United Kingdom is one of the leaders in medical sciences and fields related to it. The growth in the field of medicine increased the chances for the students to get placed in a well-suited organization. As per one statistic approximately 22,000 international students land in the United Kingdom every year. Most international students choose medicine as their primary profession.
  • In 2025, there will be more than 700,000 nurses in the United Kingdom equipped with a degree in BSc Nursing. This is more than the previous year’s total of 600,000 people. This steady growth of numbers in the field of nursing and healthcare exposes opportunities for study-abroad students.
  • Graduates of the University of Manchester’s BSc Nursing program are also eligible to register with the Nursing & Midwifery Council. In addition to cardiac nursing, infection control, theater and recovery, and multiple sclerosis, affiliation with this council will assure training in a few other areas.
  • The work culture of Nurses put them through hard work that results in strong and capable nurses. Universities in the UK will enable study-abroad students to work 20 hours/week during their studies and full-time during public vacations. This kind of experience helps international students to gain experience while also covering part of their costs.
  • The UK also provides opportunities for different kinds of training in medical fields, as well as other disciplines. This will assist you in obtaining an internship and full-time employment after completing the course.

Eligibility Criteria to study BSc Nursing in the UK

In order to get admission to a UK institution as an international student in BSc Nursing, one must fulfill the following:

  • Cleared 10th standard and 12th standard from a recognized board. 
  • Good scores in Biology, physics, and chemistry biology show a good understanding of human anatomy, which will help students to understand course modules in BSc Nursing. 
  • Students must hold an updated resume, passport-size photos, and a valid passport.

Application Process to study BSc Nursing in the UK

Applications to universities offering  Bachelor of Science Nursing in the UK applications are submitted via the UCAS portal. Here’s the step-wise application process:

  • Visit the UCAS portal to apply for BSc Nursing.
  • Check the course curriculum and the eligibility requirements for BSc Nursing.
  • Click on the application form of the respective university and also check the fees for BSc Nursing course.
  • First, you need to create an account using your mobile number or email address
  • You will receive an email or SMS on your registered contact number with login details and verification
  • Use the login details provided and enter your personal details ( name, gender, date of birth)
  • Enter your academic qualification and upload the required documents
  • Select the course and pay the application fee
  • The application fee is different for every university and can be paid through a debit/credit card or internet banking
  • Submit your application form, you can also track your application form through your account
  • Students that have been selected will be required to attend a virtual interview by some universities

Documents Required to study BSc Nursing in the UK

  1. All academic Transcripts
  2. Previously cleared exam scores
  3. All the necessary qualification certificates
  4. Passport photocopy
  5. Letter of Recommendations
  6. Bank Statements (Parents/Personal)
  7. Passport Copy
  8. English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Subjects & Syllabus for BSc Nursing in UK universities

Students interested in pursuing a BSc in Nursing in the UK must be aware of the curriculum of the course. We have provided a general overview of the curriculum below –

  1. Nursing Practises related to patient care for acute and short-term needs.
  2. Nursing Practises related to patient care for long-term and complex care.
  3. Nursing and Health
  4. Transitions to Professional Practice. 

Scholarships for BSc Nursing in the UK

  1. Florence Nightingale Foundation – A range of research, travel, and leadership scholarships are available from the foundation.
  2. Queen’s University Belfast Patricia Napier Scholarships – Two postgraduate scholarships covering tuition and registration fees are available to study for an MSc or postgraduate diploma at Queen’s University Belfast’s School of Nursing and Midwifery.
  3. RCN Foundation scholarships – A range of educational and hardship grants for nursing students and professionals, including the Olufunke Adeyeye Education Grant which supports nurses and midwives from ethnic minority backgrounds to further their professional studies.
  4. NHS Nursing Bursary – To be eligible to apply for an NHS bursary you must have been living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for 3 years up to the start of the academic year. £1,000 grants available for nursing and midwifery students.
  5. The Royal College of Nursing – If you’re a qualified nurse working in Wales, or are studying to become a qualified nurse at an institution in Wales, you can apply for the June Clark Travel Scholarship, which awards up to £1,000.
  6. University of Surrey Ted Adams Trust Scholarships for Student Nurses – Awards £3,000 a year for a maximum of three years to mature students (aged 25 and above) studying an undergraduate or postgraduate nursing degree at the university.

FAQ | Some Important questions asked on Google

Why is BSc nursing from the UK a good choice?

  • The United Kingdom is considered one of the leaders in healthcare sciences along with medicines. This is why students prefer mostly the UK over other countries. 
  • As per a study, the number of nurses is increasing in the Uk to support job growth in the healthcare sector.
  • NHS or the National Healthcare Service in the UK guarantees some long-term benefits.
  • A very long-term contract
  • 27 paid holidays
  • Healthy salary at the beginning of a career for students with BSc Nursing degrees.
  • Availability of work with a degree in BSc Nursing.
  • Paid training from the organization if the person holds a degree in BSc Nursing.
  • 37.5 hours of fixed standard weekly work hours.
  • A pension of 7.1 percent to 9.3 percent on your salary.

Top nursing courses in the UK colleges and universities

Course Names Bachelor of Nursing;
Bachelor of Adult Nursing;
Bachelor of Midwifery;
Bachelor of Science (Professional & Adult Nursing);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Adult);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies (Adult Nursing);
Bachelor in Medical Science (Adult Nursing)
Course Duration 3-4 years
Course Type Full-Time
Basic Admission Requirements Good scores of 10+2 in English, Math, and other science-related subjects.
Registrations Required to Practice Participate in the Overseas Nursing Program to be eligible to register with NHS;
Registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council to work and practice in the UK
Course Fees (per annum) 14,000 GBP – 30,000 GBP
Careers Nurse; Children’s Nurse; Staff Nurse;
Health Visitor; High-Intensity Therapist;
Learning Disability Nurse; Mental Health Nurse;
Midwife; Paramedic.
Average Salaries (Lowest-Highest) 24,000 GBP – 109,000 GBP per annum

List of colleges and universities of BSc Nursing in the UK: Top Colleges & Universities

Universities/Colleges QS Ranks in Nursing 2021 Course Name & Duration Course Fees in GBP Per Year Equivalent Fees in INR
King’s College London #2 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Adult): 3 years 16,530 16.82 lakhs
The University of Manchester #5 Bachelor of Adult Nursing;
Bachelor of Children’s Nursing;
Bachelor of Mental Health Nursing; 3 years
24,000 24.42 lakhs
University of Edinburgh #26 Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing): 4 years 27,550 28.03 lakhs
University of Nottingham #37 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc Nursing.) (Adult);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Children);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health); 3 years
21,150 21.52 lakhs
Ulster University #41 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc Nursing.)(Adult);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health); 3 years
14,060 14.3 lakhs
The University of Glasgow #51-100 Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing): 4 years 16,970 17.26 lakhs
Queen’s University Belfast #51-100 Bachelor of Science (Professional & Adult Nursing): 3 years 16,900 17.19 lakhs
The University of Sheffield #101-150 Bachelor in Medical Science (Adult Nursing): 3 years 23,750 24.16 lakhs
University of Liverpool #51-100 Bachelor of Nursing (Nursing): 3 years 21,300 21.67 lakhs
University of Surrey #51-100 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies (Adult Nursing);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies (Child Nursing);
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies (Mental Health Nursing); 3 years
19,700 20 lakhs

What is a BSc in Nursing?

The BSc in Nursing shows off knowledge of modern practices, and different medical policies related to the field of Nursing or in general healthcare. The study covers a variety of specializations like Adult Nursing, Children's Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and Midwifery. Besides, you will develop clinical skills throughout the course. 
Students will receive training in different areas of healthcare and medicine. The training area will be clinical ward areas, (OT) operation theater and recovery, burning ward, emergency ward, infection control, etc. 

Overview of BSc Nursing Course Curriculum 

  • Foundations in Nursing & Health.
  • Develop Nursing Practices related to patient care for Acute & Short-term needs.
  • Develop Nursing Practices related to patient care for Long-Term & Complex Care needs.
  • Transitions to Professional Practice.

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